Just about everybody knows something about prison. But did you know that by simply reaching over someone’s tray of food can get you a good smack in the mouth?

Prisons and criminal minds have fascinated people for decades. “Prison Violence” will introduce you to the misconduct and the hidden dangers that lurk within its walls.

Every prison has what they call “prison politics.” These are the rules within that are set by convicts and sanctioned by convicts. Some of these rules are more obvious than others. For example, everyone knows you don’t snitch. But did you know that just by looking into someone’s cell as you walk by is grounds for a good ass whoopin!?

These tidbits are just the start. “Prison Violence” will offer you a glimpse into the mentality that makes up these hidden, ruthless societies.

While some of these things you’ll know, you’ll also learn all sorts of things you didn’t know. This blog will enrich your understanding of the convicts cold, calculated, violent world!

DISCLAIMER: These stories are true. However, to protect the guilty who are still in prison, a few names and details have been changed. For purpose of non-accountability, the author here asserts are embellished. This disclaimer prevents any law enforcement agency, prosecutor, or corrections authorities from holding any person accountable for any acts described in this blog.


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