Gambling is huge in prison. Convicts will bet on anything, such as: professional sports, prison sports, or how long it’ll take before a sex offender gets his ass beat. The most common way to get in debt is playing cards. Specifically: Poker, Spades, or Pinochle. And the most dangerous type of debt is a drug debt. 

Scott is serving 16 years for manufacturing meth. While in prison, he enjoys shooting meth and heroin. He pays for the drugs with the $100 a month he gets from his grandma. Unfortunately, $100 only keeps him high for 2 days. But Scott has a plan. He’ll extend his line of credit and rack up debts.

Before he knows it, he owes $800, and the month is only half over. “Aw what the hell” he thinks, “My sister would send me $100 if I ask.” So Scott goes and gets more drugs.

The drug dealer questions him, “Your in for $900, how are you able to pay so much?”

Scott lies, “I’m getting my income tax return…I have money.” The debt grows.

When it comes time to pay, Scott is way short. He lies and gives drag. He buys more time. He presses his grandma and sister for more money. They’re tired of his shit and cut him off completely. It’s soon evident that Scott can’t pay. It’s soon evident that Scott needs his ass kicked.

One day Scott is walking down the tier when someone grabs him by the hair and yanks him in a cell. The beat down is on! And it’s only the beginning for Scott.

To learn the entire conclusion of Scott’s situation, you’ll have to read “Stone City…Life In The Penitentiary” chapters 7-10.

Moral of the story: Don’t do drugs. Don’t rack up debt. Don’t gamble. Especially while in prison!


Steven Jennings